Wanna Volunteer? Last chance to register!

Epic battle choirs, smashing hammers pounding on metal, wavin flags in the wind, heaps of booze and loud metal music? We are opening our doors for more than 300 volunteers from all around the world!
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Riot - Swords and Tequila at Metaldays

A legend is doing the honors: We proudly present you RIOT, one of the pioneers of American Power Metal. The band already rocked the stages at times, when many Metaldays visitors were not even planned to be born. After moving years including...
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Cattle Decapitation - ...are letting your heads roll!

Heavy musical artillery is brought to you by this squad from San Diego. The band enriches their progressive and partially catchy Death Metal with grindcore elements to create a haunting, gloomy but always thrilling sound. This works as the...
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Helheim - The norsemen are coming!

For more than 20 years HELHEIM have been around on their heathen foray, setting the stages on fire with their very own kind of Viking Metal. Do not even try to look for flutes, tromps or jew’s harps here - the band has plain audible Black...
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