ARCHIVE / Abandon Hope


Abandon Hope - Bash'n'Bang in Tolmin!

There aren’t many bands that get the transition from a relaxedly BBQ at the camp fire to a wild dance in the mosh pit right as easily as Abandon Hope do. This should be reminiscent to an ideal day in Tolmin to some of you!

Straight from the camp to the stage, from the stage into the water, and quickly out of the water to the mosh pit to warm up – that’s where you come upon the Bash’n’Bang combo and your day’s perfect! The guys who are musically entrenched in the Southern States, deliver the ideal soundtrack for wild days and long nights. Abandon Hope masterfully combine harshness, groove and bombast and spice their marinade with lots of little nice ideas, that will get stuck in your head right away. Fans of Black Label Society or Pantera are quick to discover a new piece for their record collection.




Hommel - vocals
Waik - guitars
Alex - drums
Max - bass

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