Young Forces who play Metaldays 2015

Supporting the young metal generation and offering them a platform to prove their talent is very important to us. That’s why, as we already did in 2014, Metaldays will continue hosting a Young Forces contest this year to support 24 newcomer bands from all over Europe. Again we give them the opportunity to deliver a stunning live performance with the chance to win a slot on the main stage at 2016 Metaldays.

Here are the most promising newcomer bands who will perform at this year’s festival:

Total Annihilation (Switzerland, YF Winner) Facebook
Rest In Fear (Austria, YF Winner) Facebook
Mephistophelian (Slovenia, YF Winner) Facebook
Nuclear Chaos (Mexico, YF Winner) Facebook
Panikk (Slovenia, Warm-Up Party Winner) Facebook

Desolate Fields (Netherlands) Facebook
Aeons Confer (Germany) Facebook
Ever Frost (Italy) Facebook
Mist (Slovenia) Facebook
Broken Mirrors (France) Facebook
Reek Of Insanity (Austria) Facebook
Zombie Rodeo (Finland) Facebook
Sunchair (Germany) Facebook
Tomcat (Slovenia) Facebook
Klamm (Germany) Facebook
Antropofago (France) Facebook
Daedric Tales (Austria) Facebook
Paragoria (Slovenia) Facebook
Morana (Slovenia) Facebook
Eruption (Slovenia) Facebook
M.A.I.M. (Italy) Facebook
Chronic Hate (Italy) Facebook
Conorach (Netherlands) Facebook
War Head (Croatia) Facebook
Mooncry (Germany) Facebook
Abandon Hope (Germany) Facebook
Etecc (Germany) Facebook
DIS.AGREE (Germany) Facebook
Suborned (Switzerland) Facebook