The first METALDAYS after years of Metalcamp took place and, looking back, it went well, didn't it? Of course, we are still looking for ways to make it better! Below is a short history and an opportunity to learn more about the characters behind this event.

1) WHO IS "WE"?

We are the team behind METALDAYS. Namely Boban, who was director of the promoting company 2008-2012, and as well did a good share of the booking work for METALCAMP in the past, and who now, with METALDAYS, takes care for all booking matters. In the past, when we worked hard to make the old METALCAMP the outstanding event it has become, Boban also talked with you, the fans. Some of you might remember him from the METALCAMP forum - you know who you are!

His friend and collegue Roman, who is one of the founders of METALCAMP, and was director of the promotion company 2004-2008, also cared for the valuable and sensible relationship with the people living in and around Tolmin. Roman has grown into this and continues it with passion for METALDAYS now. Boban and Roman are what could best be described as "heart and soul" behind METALCAMP and METALDAYS. There is another guy, we want you to know: Domen. He has been and still is our production manager. Whenever a bands and visitors leave Tolmin with happy smiles - Domen and his crew are the people they smile at. They have been for years.

Of course, there are many more guys and girls to make a crew out of this. All we can say is: we all together are the people who wanted to continue doing, what we did for years, only with one BIG difference: ON OUR OWN.



METALCAMP has become our heartblood over the years. Our partners and we did good, why else would we see your familiar faces - and so many fresh ones - every year? That's why! But we wanted to see our baby free. Free to build upon it, free to see it evolve! Free to decide about things and to base these descisions on two factors only: what you, our fans come up with in form of letters, emails and talks on the festival site. And on our feelings about it. To us, it's not just noise and numbers.

It is very important for us, that you understand, why we have chosen a new name. It is not meant to upset you, though this was (and is) our greatest fear about the name change.
Our long time partner for METALCAMP and we decided to split, and we are very glad about that point. Our marriage was not the happy one, and going separate ways was the only right choice.
This official METALCAMP links say all http://www.metalcamp.com http://www.facebook.com/metalcampfestival
METALCAMP trademark is owned by two person, and there is pending lawsuit regarding ownership. One of the owners is the one we have split with recently. Other one was never really active, and was not even part of the METALCAMP since 2010.
Going on with our unhappy business relationship, and working on such problematic trademark, where it was not sure what tomorrow would bring, did not make sense to us, so decision was made, and METALDAYS was born.

3) So WHAT'S THE CONSEQUENCE of this story?

It's METALDAYS - the one and only successor of METALCAMP Tolmin: legally and, more important for you, in terms of all the heartwork behind it.
Other than new freedom, name and new promotion, good old METALCAMP and the new METALDAYS are the same.

Thanks for your interest and for your long lasting fellowship!
Take care,